FFM at Groundswell

FFM at Groundswell

From soil health and UK food policy, to farming tech and innovation, Groundswell was packed full of inspiration and knowledge from the people walking the talk in regen agriculture.

Some people FFM were inspired by:

Emma Chow (FFM Coach) taught us how to feel grounded, clear, and relaxed; helping farmers who are tirelessly working towards a better future of food rediscover rest.

– Joel Williams (plant and soil health educator) shared his wealth of expertise around the principles of regen ag and some basic but powerful thoughts including: ‘soil without biology is geology’ and farmer perspectives on how to move from talking the talk to walking the walk.

– Anne Bikle (science writer and public speaker) made the link from field to health, educating the audience on how regeneratively grown produce feeds the biological bazaar in our microbiome. Made a strong case for change sharing evidence that intensive agriculture and chemicals are now causing problems more than solving them. 

– Tim Lang (Professor Emeritus of Food Policy at City, University of London’s Centre for Food Policy) shared his wisdom around UK food policy, laying bare the fragilities of our food system and making a compelling case for why building system resilience should be a national priority and expressing a core duty for state, business, and civil society to ‘ensure the people of the UK receive sufficient, decent and health-giving supplies of the food necessities for life’.

Sue Pritchard (Chief Executive FFCC) reminded us that regenerative agriculture is a set of outcomes more than a strict recipe. 

Key takeaways:

  • Regen farmers need to be ecologists, chemists, biologists, botanists, economists, nutritionists, engineers, meteorologists, accountants.
  • That’s a whole lot of hats for one person. Let’s support them.
  • Regenerative agriculture is an ancient principle – rediscovering the wisdom of the past in response to a current crisis.

The sparks of energy FFM are taking away from Groundswell are:

⚡ The spark of exciting concepts being shared. 

⚡ The spark of collaboration as peers come together, trading best practice and stories from the ground.  

⚡ The spark of connection – of new networks taking root,  new ideas blooming .

All around igniting new possibilities for a better future for food and farming .

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