New Veriscope: food businesses need to be ready for the just transition  

New Veriscope: food businesses need to be ready for the just transition  

New Veriscope: food businesses need to be ready for the just transition  

Farmers are fearful for their future. Politicians are fearful of theirs. Food production is therefore the focus for both groups but achieving a just transition to a more sustainable food system is about more than that. Don’t miss this new edition of Veriscope for expert analysis on the current, big conversations across the food industry.

Available to all Future Food Movement business members – this is the food industry’s must-have insight report crafted by Veris Strategies that looks at the latest ESG trends most relevant to your business. Click here for more information on Veriscope.

This March new edition of Veriscope examines the increased attention on food production in recent weeks, and digs into the people and policy that have hit the media and political debates.   

There has been increasing recognition of the need for a just transition for the food system. The just transition is about making sure that the new systems and businesses that we are building and working in are equitable and inclusive for everyone involved. It is critical that we, as people working in the food industry, understand, embrace and accelerate this change. 

March Veriscope special features: 

  • The increasing recognition of the link between the climate crisis and global health outcomes  
  • What to watch in the latest on green claims 
  • The latest disclosure updates 
  • Deep dive into what the industry and consumer are really saying about regenerative agriculture  
  • New infographic explainer: Actions for a just transition in the food system 

Veriscope is packed full of expert insights to help you navigate and make sense of the latest ESG thinking on People, Planet and Performance and the Climate Checkpoints on Dairy, Meat and Plant-based industries.

Everything is distilled through the unique Veris lens to guide your ambitions and actions for the year ahead: clearly indicating whether you need to Act Now, Watch Closely, use to Inform Strategy or be mindful of Future Signals. 

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