Saving our Wild Isles: Hungry For Change

“Without being nature positive, you can’t be profit positive.”

Nature is a service to the food system. It is our collective problem, which food businesses can and must help tackle.

Here are a few highlights from #SaveOurWildIsles powerful film, Hungry For Change: Why is our food system one of the biggest causes of nature loss?

Featuring Deborah Meaden (Dragons’ Den), Ken Murphy (Tesco), Henry Dimbleby (National Food Strategy), Sharon White (John Lewis Partnership) and experts who urgently tell us the impact of over-intensive agriculture on nature and why we need a new green revolution – nature-positive farming.

THIS is why nature, food and climate experts LouiseEmmaAlexisCharlotteLaraCaroline and Michelle are hosting the panel event “No Nature, No Food: A Crisis We Can’t Ignore” today at 4pm.

Join us to discuss why the current food system is, in the words of Henry Dimbleby, “an unbelievably inefficient way to feed ourselves” and how switching to a nature positive system and generating a #GreenRevolution is the only solution to ensure we can have food on our plates in the following years.

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Watch the full film here.