Alexis de Liedekerke
Alexis de Liedekerke
Natural Capital & Biodiversity
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I have a scientific background with a BSc in Bioengineering and a MSc in Organic Agriculture as well as in Agroecology. I have established and operated several micro-ventures in the farming industry, and have experience working as a consultant on Nature Conservation and Landscape Restoration. My current focus is on integrating nature related issues into business, to support clients to reduce impacts and manage dependencies on natural capital.

With an increasing pressure on land productivity, the food industry has a tremendous impact on society, climate and biodiversity. From farm to fork, all stakeholders of the food system are required to roll up their sleeves to embed nature, climate and social considerations in their strategies. If agriculture is a massive driver of ecosystem degradation, agroecological practices have the potential to improve soil health and enhance agro-biodiversity, while reaching competitive yields. Across the world, entrepreneurs are shaping innovative solutions and services to increase efficiencies and close material loops. They enable food and beverage companies to work towards a future that is net zero and nature positive. It is exciting to join the Future Food Movement and contribute as a knowledge broker to bring light to best ecological practices, and hopefully raise awareness and inspire the audience to act now.

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