Emma Chow
Emma Chow
Circular Economy
Regenerative Educator and Director
Food and Drink Industry

Emma is a regenerative leader and educator. Her approach works at the inflection point of the inner and outer worlds, taking a deeply-human angle to fundamentally re-imagine today’s broken systems. Emma co-developed and led the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Food initiative, where she honed her food system knowledge and understanding of regenerative and circular design. Prior to her work at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Emma was a consultant at Deloitte LLP. She now weaves her experience with her skills as a meditation and yoga teacher to unleash people’s potential to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

Emma weaves her diverse experiences -- from the boardrooms of some of the world’s biggest businesses and days tending the fertile soils of farms, to practising ancient wisdom traditions and living with indigenous peoples— and bring them together to co-create solutions for a tomorrow where people, places, and nature thrive.

Nature x Nurture