News: Oatly launch the FARM

News: Oatly launch the FARM

Oatly show their efforts to make regenerative agriculture the future of farming by launching the FARM: the Future Agriculture Renovation Movement – a global regenerative agriculture movement.

But, what is the FARM? 👇

  • Oatly are dedicated to a food system that gives back to nature and communities
  • The FARM will play a key role in restoring carbon, improving biodiversity and supporting farm viability
  • By 2029, Oatly want to source 100% of global strategic ingredients from sustainable agriculture production
  • They aim to reduce the climate footprint per litre of Oatly by at least 70%
  • With the FARM, Oatly will aim to actively increase ecosystem health, improve farmer livelihoods, and contribute to climate solutions
  • They will work with farmers to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance ecosystems function
  • The movement will test several different models of regenerative agriculture; pilots are currently taking place in Canada, Sweden, the US, Finland, and the UK, and will scale globally if successful.

Find out more about the FARM on their website.

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