Your invitation to Climate Week NYC

In the face of the climate crisis, escalating inequality, obesity and struggles with the cost of living, how can the food industry become part of the solution to big societal issues?

Join Future Food Movement and incredible leaders and allies to discuss the complex issue of sustainable diets and how the UK food industry can lead on this.

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​​The event will be expertly moderated as an open conversation by Mike Barry​ and you’ll be able to join in the discussion through a live Q&A with our panel:

The more voices in the food and drink industry who support healthy and sustainable diets, the faster we can support the net zero transition through sourcing, products, and consumer choice. ​

Future Food Movement is rapidly becoming a forum for ideas to be heard, developed, and actioned. Upskilling, when done right, is transformational. If food can fix the planet, then for this to happen we need to be agile and courageous learners and we need to bring in as many diverse voices, perspectives and shared experiences as possible. Our ability to solve these complex food system problems will increase tenfold. Providing access to intimate, regular forums for people to discuss these truths, with the intent of creating positive change in partnership with an empowered community, is game-changing.

We can’t deliver on Net Zero without delivering on health and leaving no one behind. Sustainable diets are the industry’s new North Star. Join us and hear what business leaders think it will take to get us there – REGISTER HERE!


Future Food Movement is the food industry’s Climate Partner, a diverse business membership community radically upskilling and supporting anyone in food to accelerate climate action and to prepare for the sustainable food transformation.

Future Food Movement provides the tools that businesses need to support their Boards, Leadership Teams, Managers and Frontline Workers to go beyond Net Zero target setting – making Every Job a Climate Job.

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