Will Jennings
Will Jennings
Ally since August 2023
General Manager, UK, Rabobank

Will Jennings is the General Manager for Rabobank in the U.K. Rabobank is a Dutch cooperative financial services group active in 38 countries with a focus on three key transitions: the sustainable food and energy transitions, plus the transition to a more inclusive society where everyone can pursue their ambitions.

Will joined Rabobank in 2007 working in Risk Management Markets before becoming the Chief Risk Officer for Region Europe in 2015. In January 2021, Will became General Manager of Rabobank in the UK. The UK is home to 750 colleagues and one of the largest Branches of the Bank outside of the Netherlands serving Wholesale and institutional clients across the food and agri, energy transition and markets areas with a range of financing and risk management options.

Will is a vocal advocate of developing a more equitable, transparent and sustainable food system in UK, one that serves society. He is a regular speaker at industry events.

Why do you support the Future Food Movement mission to radically upskill the food industry and leadership teams of today and tomorrow?

Food is at the centre of life; the centre of societies and cultures. It is at the root of security and development. To be a part of the food sector is a huge responsibility that goes far beyond financials and numbers – being able to develop and deliver a sustainable food system is incredibly complex and challenging and has unique dynamics that need to be well understood if they are to be translated to meaningful positive impact.

Equipping and enabling those leading the charge has to be a priority.

What do you think it will take to shift the industry on sustainable diets?

It takes the very strongest form of leadership; the type that does the right thing, in the right way, when everyone and no one is watching. It's about putting long term ahead of short term and putting collective good ahead of individual desires. The food industry isn’t just producers, processors and retailers – it’s the financiers, the traders, the consumers, the authorities – anyone who impacts on it is part of it. Food is one sector we are all a part of and it will take all of us to make the choices and enable others to do the same.