James Toop
James Toop
Ally since August 2023
Youth-led mission to put child health first
Chief Executive, Bite Back 2030

James Toop is Chief Executive of Bite Back - a youth activist movement set up to challenge a food system that’s been set up to fool us all. He is passionate about transforming systems through people and leadership. Before moving into food systems, he worked in education reform as Chief Executive of Ambition Institute, growing a movement of school leaders transforming schools in low income areas. He was in the inaugural cohort of the Acumen-Rockefeller Food Systems Fellowship and is Board Chair at Education for the 21st Century, a Multi Academy Trust of 8 schools in South East London and Kent.

Why do you support the Future Food Movement mission to radically upskill the food industry and leadership teams of today and tomorrow?

To fix the food system we all have a role to play. That includes the food industry. We need a new era of leadership and responsibility from businesses that resets our relationship with food today and sets new standards for the future. Many business leaders want change and either do not know how to make it happen or need allies with whom they can collaborate.

The Future Food Movement is critical in bringing together leaders to upskill and build networks among key decision makers who have the power to make positive
change happen.

What do you think it will take to shift the industry on sustainable diets?

We need bold commitments and direct action now. Leaders are trapped today by old narratives, perceived consumer and shareholder expectations. But these are changing rapidly. Fixing the system requires leaders to step up and take decisions with a long-term horizon - they may not be popular in the short term but will benefit companies, shareholders, consumers, the environment and society long-term. NGOs and young people have a role to create the space by challenging and supporting for leaders to take those important decisions for today and future generations.

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