Tomorrow! How can NPD and Category teams work together to design food for a 1.5 degree world?

Tomorrow! How can NPD and Category teams work together to design food for a 1.5 degree world?

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With the world population rising to 9.7 billion in 2050, our current ways of producing food simply cannot feed our future world. With dietary shift being one of the most impactful changes the food industry can drive, how can we develop products and redesign our categories to be future fit for the planet?

Discover how NPD teams can design food for a 1.5 degree world in Michelle Rowley’s Ask the Expert “Sustainable Food Design”.

In this Ask the Expert you will:

  • Learn how NPD and Category teams can work together to design food for a 1.5 degree world
  • Boost your awareness on the fundamentals of positive food design
  • Discover how we can collaborate and encourage the food industry to work together to unlock a significant shift in what we eat
  • Learn about successful food design principles, with a focus on prepared convenience foods. ​
  • Members can ask any questions and offer perspectives to Michelle on what is preventing them for being able to action the changes needed – this is a safe space to seek advice or support on how best to improve the shape of the future of food design.

More about Michelle

Michelle Rowley is the Founder and Director of The Food Shift consultancy, which helps food brands and teams grow and innovate. With a background in senior positions across major UK retailers and suppliers, Michelle specialises in creating food and channel strategies, building customer and supplier relationships, and shaping innovation pipelines. She is passionate about creating healthier and more sustainable products and believes that food businesses have a responsibility to work together to drive positive change in the industry. Michelle mentors product development and innovation teams and inspires them to find their own path to impactful change.

This Ask the Expert is a taster of Michelle’s 2-hour CPD Certified Masterclass, which your business can book now:

Your business can tap into Michelle’s expertise by booking into a Future Food Movement 2-hour CPD certified Masterclass:

  • Ideal for food retailers, food service, prepared food manufacturers and brands, and ingredients suppliers, for colleagues working in product development, innovation, commercial, category, and technical teams looking to unlock improvements to current ranges, change the shape of the future offer, and ultimately drive demand for healthier and more sustainable food.
  • Go deeper on phasing and funding a sustainable food design approach taking into account commerciality and collaboration to encourage the food industry to work together to unlock significant shifts in what we eat.

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