No Nature, No Food: A Crisis we can’t Ignore

The food industry has the ability to unite and get behind the Save our Wild Isles campaign – David Attenborough’s effect will ignite renewed passion for nature for consumers and colleagues alike.

In a recent joint statement, the three CEOs behind the Save our Wild Isles campaign, Hilary McGrady, the director general of the National Trust, Beccy Speight, the chief executive of the RSPB, and Tanya Steele, the chief executive of WWF (UK) said:

“Huge numbers of animals, birds and habitats have been wiped out in our own lifetimes and we must now accept that without urgent and collective action, our economy, the climate and the stability of future generations living in our wild isles all face a ticking timebomb.”

The way we produce and consume food is both the biggest driver of nature loss and a significant contributor to climate change.

To produce food for the future means relooking at nature as a valuable service.

Join Future Food Movement and our experts, trailblazers and coaches as we discuss how you can actively participate in the nature-positive opportunity for your food business:

  • What does nature-positive mean?
  • How can retailers, producers and farmers collaborate to protect nature?
  • How can we use systems thinking and creativity to understand and change our food systems for the better?
  • How can category managers and insight teams nudge consumers to make nature positive choices?
  • What can product development teams do to design nature-positive food?
  • How can organisations increase nature’s visibility on the balance sheet?