No Nature, No Food: A Crisis we can’t Ignore

The way we produce and consume food is both the biggest driver of nature loss and a significant contributor to climate change. As shown by the brilliant new film ‘Hungry for Change’ from Save Our Wild Isles, the UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, with more than 70% of land given over to farming – and yet, much of that isn’t even directly feeding us. Meanwhile, agriculture is responsible for around 10% of all UK emissions.

The food sector is among the top three industries at risk as a result of nature loss, so we need to act quickly. We need a new green revolution where food production works in harmony with nature. Positive farming and support from business is absolutely critical to making this happen.

But how do we achieve this? Our panel of passionate experts at this event share their grounded, practical advice for achieving a nature positive food system that’s all about health, abundance and respect for the environment – and one that represents a win-win for every business.

Our brilliant panel speakers are:

  • Louise Nicholls, Sustainability & Human Rights Coach, Future Food Movement, Founder Suseco
  • Emma Chow, Future Food Movement Regenerative Educator, Founder Nature x Nurture
  • Alexis de Liedekerke, Future Food Movement Natural Capital & Biodiversity Coach, Associate Climate Risk Services
  • Charlie Derra, Future Food Movement Category & Climate Coach, Founder Curious Puffin
  • Lara Hanlon, Future Food Movement Systems Thinking Coach, Founder Portion Collaborative
  • Caroline Mason, Future Food Movement Supply Chain Coach, Founder Seeds to Thrive
  • Michelle Rowley, Future Food Movement NPD Coach, Founder The Food Shift
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