Welcome to our new Strategic Partner, Action Against Hunger UK

Welcome to our new Strategic Partner, Action Against Hunger UK

We are so excited to announce the first of our Strategic Partnerships with Action Against Hunger UK! Who with their incredible team of change agents are now part of the Future Food Movement community. They will be bringing their critical global food system insight and fresh expert perspectives on the human impact of climate change to drive even more action across the community and our industry wide movement.

Action Against Hunger are a global charity who work in 55 countries around the world fighting hunger and malnutrition. In 2021 their programmes reached over 28 million people. They have a mission to build a world where no one dies from hunger.

Increasingly, climate change is now one of the main drivers of global food insecurity. Action Against Hunger are doing brilliant, much needed work to mitigate the consequences of climate change by enhancing and investing in vulnerable global communities’ resilience through agro-ecology, reducing food waste, adapting farming techniques and production, and raising awareness on the need to reduce carbon emissions in the food chain.

Jean-Michel Grand heads up Action Against Hunger UK, having started his career in the humanitarian sector during the Bosnian War. Over the past two decades, he has dedicated his efforts to addressing child malnutrition around the world and helping communities affected by humanitarian disasters.

We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Action Against Hunger, because we cannot have a healthy planet without healthy people – watch this space to see how our community can collaborate with Action Against Hunger over the coming months. Welcome to the movement!