This week! Ask the Expert: Diet Shift and Health & Climate Policies

This week! Ask the Expert: Diet Shift and Health & Climate Policies

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Improving our diets is urgent to achieve climate & health targets.

  • A shift to healthy, sustainable diets can deliver ‘gigatonne-scale’ emissions reductions (IPCC 2023)
  • It is also essential to tackling the UK public health crisis – the NHS spends £6 billion a year on diet-related illness
  • The cost-of-living crisis is adding pressure to people’s food choices, and government inaction on food is a major barrier to policy change.

But one thing is clear – the climate and health crisis won’t wait.​

Join Registered Nutritionist Ali Morpeth in her FFM Ask the Expert, 22nd June at 4pm, to discover “Why Diet Shift is Critical to Landing Climate & Health Policies”:

In this session, Future Food Movement Coach Ali Morpeth will explore:

  • Cross-cutting policies that can support better health & the realisation of Net Zero
  • Why joining the dots between health and sustainability is one of the biggest opportunities we face in food
  • Why health can help us move the needle on climate – and vice versa. ​

This is a safe space to seek advice or support on how best to de-bunk the noise around health and sustainability being two separate and distinct work themes.​

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