Regenuary: Scaling Regenerative Farming

Regenuary: Scaling Regenerative Farming

As we near the end of Regenuary, it’s important to reflect on the progress we’ve made in promoting regenerative agriculture and the steps we still need to take to ensure its long-term success. The end of this month-long focus on regenerative practices serves as a reminder that while we’ve made strides in implementing sustainable farming and land management techniques, there’s still much work to be done.

The topic of regenerative agriculture should be at the forefront of the sustainability agenda, as it holds an important key to not only preserving our natural resources, but also to mitigating and reversing the effects of climate change. Let’s continue the momentum of Regenuary, and make sure that regenerative agriculture stays at the top of the list for years to come.

Regenuary urges consumers to opt for food produced according to Regenerative farming methods for the month of January. The movement was started in 2019 by Glen Burrows, Founder of The Ethical Butcher  and Future Food Movement coach, aiming to change the conversation around food and the environment and encouraging people to engage in open and constructive discussions around food production and consumption. “Regenuary is simple. Source as much of your food as possible from regenerative farming.” Glen Burrows

  • However, regenerative agriculture is yet not scaling.  
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