Limited time offer: upskill on climate and transform your business

Limited time offer: upskill on climate and transform your business
Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to upskill on 6 of the critical climate topics in only 6 weeks with our Accelerator climate upskilling programme, specially tailored for the food industry.

Why is climate upskilling critical to your business?

Food leaders need to be thinking about transformation. While setting Net Zero bold targets is important, our research shows that businesses do not know fully how to achieve these goals. Increasing confidence, capacity and knowledge to close the climate skills gap is vital for culture change.

What does the programme cover?

Six climate critical live masterclasses on:- 

+ 6th September, 9:30am: Next Gen Sustainability: Understand the landscape, issues and disruptions in the food industry and why leadership climate upskilling and collaboration is so important

+ 12th September, 13:00: Net Zero: Get under the skin of what Net Zero means and explore climate from the top down to identify root causes and solutions before diving into the context of the food sector to learn the actions needed to deliver transformative change and a Net Zero future

+ 20th September, 13:00: Climate Risk: Climate change is a global financial risk and the context of the business landscape is changing how banks finance companies. Learn an understanding of Climate Risk, Regulatory Standards & Disclosure Trends, Strategies & Approaches to Building a Climate Risk Management Strategy

+ 26th September, 13:00: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Helps you to confidently navigate inclusion conversations within your business and understand the integral role that ED&I and workplace culture plays in strategic sustainability

+ 4th October, 13:00: Human Rights: A focus on food industry specific issues where a healthy planet supports healthy people. Explores how businesses can strengthen their Human Rights performance and what best practice in this area looks like to help accelerate a fair and just net zero food system transformation

+ 12th October, 13:00: Regenerative Agriculture: How we produce and source food matters, learn why and how you can play a role in scaling regenerative agriculture.

Find out more about the topics, coaches and outcomes here.

Provides a unique networking chance for colleagues to connect and collaborate with peers across the sector.

 What are the outcomes?

  • CPD Certification
  • Builds high-performing teams and bakes in climate competency 
  • Builds connections and a network with experts, trailblazers and likeminded people
  • Grows confidence and capacity to plug into change and relook at business as usual
  • Develops climate-first leadership – a key attribute and skill set for anyone serious about a career in food
  • Plus, 3 months free FFM membership for the last quarter of 2023.

If you are business memberyou receive a discount to join the CPD accredited Accelerator Programme; colleagues can sign up now for £1,440 per person. Registration and payment is required by the end of August. Non members pay £1,800 per person. 

This September cohort will be the last time we offer the Accelerator Programme for individuals, going forwards it will only be possible to access this training as a group booking, costing £20k for up to 30 people.

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