Cushman & Wakefield: Future of Food Chains

Cushman & Wakefield: Future of Food Chains

Kate Cawley, Founder of Future Food Movement and Veris Strategies, was invited to talk with Cushman & Wakefield at the launch of a new #FutureOfFoodChains report at Mission Kitchen. 

Daryl Perry sums up the key takeaways from Future of Food Chains:

  • Ensuring food security by more domestic growth will require allocated space across our cities
  • Supply chain disruption will engender supply chain change – how we move our food and goods will alter, affecting the demand for different real estate
  • Shifts in the way we consume food, will create a further evolution in the grocery and supermarket sector.

Watch Kate CawleyNick HayRichard ChingTim Crighton and Daryl Perry discuss the Future of Food Chains in this Cushman & Wakefield panel event, now available On Demand. Click here to watch.

The Cushman & Wakefield Future of Food Chains report is now available to download here. Essential reading on the future of cities, food chains and the implications for real estate.

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