Cool Farm Alliance: Every Job is a Climate Job

Cool Farm Alliance: Every Job is a Climate Job
Every Job is a Climate Job.

Climate change sits at the heart of the cost-of-living crisis, our ability to grow and source food and our energy security. Food and drink businesses will be coming under more and more pressure to achieve their ambitious net zero targets; legislative and ESG requirements are going to grow; more environmental and societal shocks are on their way.​

And yet most leaders in the food sector lack the knowledge and understanding to even recognise the extent of the problem, let alone solve it. There’s a skills gap – not just at board level but throughout the whole business right down to the factory floor.​

Coaches from Future Food Movement are speaking at the Cool Farm Alliance AGM this week to discuss why transforming every job to a climate job can secure the future of our food system, beat the climate skills gap and help reach net zero targets.​

Introducing the speakers:
Kate Cawley, Founder Veris Strategies & Future Food Movement,
Rob Ies, Coach and Facilitator at Future Food Movement, and Director, Visionise Ltd
Charlie Curtis PMIAgrM, Head of Agriculture and Environment, Cool Farm Alliance and Regenerative Agriculture Coach at Future Food Movement
Michaela Aschbacher, Training & Consultancy Manager, Cool Farm Alliance
Katie Allen, ED&I Coach at Future Food Movement, and Founder at Katie Allen Consulting Limited
William Clare, Net Zero Expert at Future Food Movement and Founder, Avon Energy Partners

Attendees include industry leaders from PepsiCoMcDonald’sMcCain FoodsCargillUnilever and more. We are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday and where this discussion will lead.