Business Member Youth Advisory Board Special: Greenwashing & Transparency

The Changing Markets Foundation recently released a report called “Feeding us Greenwash – an analysis of misleading claims in the food sector”. It called out 54 cases that fell foul of the UK Competition and Market Authority’s (CMA) Green Claims Code

We are at risk of either greenwashing, or, staying quiet about the progress we are making as we strive towards Net Zero targets – Future Food Movement wanted to find out what our Youth Advisory Board thought about Greenwashing and Transparency – and could they challenge, explore and discuss with our Business Members how the industry can be transparent in a competitive space.

Our Youth Advisory Board reveal their thoughts in their latest report, available now to all FFM Business Members.

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Food businesses, don’t get left behind. The younger generations are your future consumers and employees; integrating their voices into your strategy is critical to building a climate-smart and sustainable roadmap.