Amy Kull – How to spot and avoid greenwashing

Avoiding greenwash is a 2022 focus for many brands as they strive to define their purpose and showcase their ethical and environment initiatives in a way that is authentic and transparent.

Amy Kull is on the Board of Directors for Food For Climate League and is Founder CEO of Marin Restorative Communications. She is an expert in spotting the difference between positive climate action and just another load of greenwashing.

Amy has consulted with clients including Nestle, Unilever, Kikkoman, the California Milk Advisory Board, the U.S. Potato Board, WingStop, Barnana upcycled snacks and the National Honey Board.

Amy is helping to build a more resilient, abundant and just food system.

As former GM of Edelman food and beverage subsidiary Edible, she is a connector among big food, chefs, nutrition opinion leaders, foundations, and high-tech companies that are involved in food and working towards things like the circular food economy, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture.

Join us on Thursday 17th February 2022 at 4pm UK time to hear from Amy on how you can recognise and avoid greenwashing.

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