World Hunger Day: How to Get Involved

World Hunger Day: How to Get Involved

Only 8% of UK adults believe they’ll see the end of hunger in their lifetime, according to new research by The Hunger Project UK. Yet, hunger is arguably the world’s greatest solvable problem 👉 we already produce enough food to feed everyone. 

Hunger is not only a problem of scarcity, but of inequality and unsustainable systems. And our generation has the power to fix that.

We are supporting The Hunger Project and World Hunger Day to create a more just and sustainable food system, where everyone has access to healthy, affordable food.

How can you get involved?

1) The Hunger Project UK are encouraging you to host a #SustainableSupper and raise funds to end hunger. Find out more, including sustainable menus for recipe inspiration, on their website.

2) Our Eco Dietitian Mary Purdy, shares her advice on how you can eat more sustainably in her Ask the Expert “How to Eat for a 1.5 Degree World”, available to watch to all FFM Members here. Book your spot on Mary’s CPD Masterclass “Sustainable Nutrition as Part of a 1.5 Degree World” to deep dive further into #SustainableEating: find out more here.

3) Katie Allen’s CPD-certified Masterclass “Equity, Diversity & Inclusion” will help you understand more about inequality and the problems that come with it.

4) Mike Barry’s CPD certified Masterclass “The Sustainable Transformation of the Food System” will help you understand the transformation needed to create a truly sustainable food system.

5) In our Ask the Expert “Fix Food Waste, Fix Climate Change”, food waste experts Andy Young, Caroline Bates and Jeff Macdonald, explain the actions and barriers to food waste and how it is contributing to the climate crisis from your home and from your business. Available to watch here for FFM Members. Find out more about Food Waste by booking your spot on Andy’s CPD Masterclass “Food Waste & The Value Chain”.

At Future Food Movement, we are aiming to tackle hunger through education and climate upskilling; inspiring and motivating those who work in the food industry to transform the food system to a more just, accessible, secure and sustainable system.