Podcast: CIEL X Leprino Why Change

CIEL Insights Podcast: Why Change

Our Future Food Movement Founder Kate Cawley, appeared on Episode 1 of a brand new podcast by Helen Brookes, CIEL and Future Food Movement member Ben Williams, Leprino Foods.

Agri-Tech Centre, CIEL and Leprino Foods have teamed up to discuss a variety of issues in the sector and are joined by a series of special guests. Helen Brookes & Ben Williams hear from household names Heart with Smart (Pizza Hut Restaurants) and Dominos on what is driving the sustainability agenda. Is it the consumer or is it something else?

Kate Cawley joins to shed light on the evolving roles consumers may play in shaping tomorrow’s sustainable landscape. Discover the compelling reasons behind businesses aligning climate targets with consumer values, the rapid need for change, and the consequences of inaction.

Listen up! This episode delves deep into the driving forces behind sustainability agendas.

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