Farmer Advisory Board: May 2024

Farmer Advisory Board: May 2024

Future Food Movement (FFM) has joined forces with the Cool Farm Alliance (CFA) to accelerate climate action in the agriculture sector by forming a new Farmer’s Advisory Board.

The initiative will amplify the voices of 7 brilliant British farmers from livestock, dairy, produce and arable sectors and will bridge the gap between businesses and farmers, building a closer and more collaborative relationship.


Andrew Court, Mixed Beef and Arable Farmer, Cotes Lodge Farm“As a young farmer, viewing the industry with a fresh pair of eyes, it is clear that over the decades there has become a disconnect between farmers and their customers. I was inspired to join this project because I wanted to be able to add my voice to the conversation to work towards a more connected, dynamic, two way relationship with our customers.”

Anna JacksonArable Farmer, The Pink Pig Farm: “Working with farmers and learning from farmers who are either sequestering carbon or working towards that goal is essential. We need more trials with goals to reduce overall chemical usage. We really need to discuss the necessary income for farmers to achieve sustainability.”

Ben Williams, Sustainability Manager, Leprino Foods Contract Farms: “There should be consideration on how we adopt and adapt to change, rather than relying solely on more legislation and technology. Encouraging greater collaboration across the supply chain and increasing education up the supply chain are crucial aspects.”

Chris ManleyBeef cattle and sheep farm in East Devon: “I can guarantee that each and every farm is doing something amazing. But it’s that sharing of knowledge where other bigger actors in the supply chain can be the catalysts for bringing people together to share that knowledge and move everything forward. It’s hugely complex, but through mutual positive intent, I think there’s a real opportunity to make a difference.”

Chris Woodhead, The Super Serious Farmer: “I would love to see greater support for British farmers, improved food labelling, and a shift towards appreciating the value of food. Education is vital for all people in the supply chain in supporting British to secure a more resilient food supply.”

Flavian Obiero, Mixed Farming: “If farmers struggle with their mental well-being and health, how can they care for the environment we all depend on? The supply chain requires attention and resolution on restructuring the cost of production. Addressing these issues is crucial because farmers cannot sustainably continue operating at a loss.”

Jack Pearce, Produce Farmer, Alfred G Pearce: “I’m extremely passionate about food production and our business, despite certain challenges in our food system. There are some great opportunities, including leading on our environmental credentials and fostering meaningful commercial partnerships. It’s crucial for the food and farming sector to collectively educate consumers on our industry and the value of our food.”


Participation depends on level of FFM and/or CFA membership. Please let us know if you’d like to know more information: Meetings take place bi-monthly, with all guests able to access fresh, farmer-led conversations and rich and tangible ideas to bring back into their organisation.