May Networking and community Online Meetup

Fighting for the future whilst in the day job is hard— especially in the food industry.

These huddles are an informal chance for Community Members to meet online. In May, once again our members, who come from across all areas of the food industry, were united to share their challenges, opportunities and ideas on climate action, in FFM’s Networking & Community Meet-up.

Our Members shared their thoughts and concerns around:
🌎 Joining commerciality and ESG
👩‍💼 Climate upskilling across Boards
🧠 Climate literacy vs financial literacy
💪 How to build a team of climate advocates in your workforce.

🎬 One of the key takeaways from today’s catch-up was the Hungry For Change film by Save our Wild Isles, and the impact this is having on the food sector. If you haven’t yet watched the film, please do. We strongly recommend everyone in the food industry to watch and share it.
Thank you to our Coaches Katie Allen and Tom Townsend for attending today’s meet-up. Our Members can book Katie’s ED&I Masterclass and watch Tom’s On Demand event “Every Job is a Climate Job” using the links below:
👥 CPD certified ED&I Masterclass
💻 Every Job is a Climate Job

Thanks again to everyone who joined. We look forward to seeing you at next month’s session.

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