COP28 Huddle: Strategies for Transforming Food Systems in the Face of Climate Change

Future Food Movement is on a mission to empower business leaders to drive the chnage he world needs to see. We kicked off the year with an exclusive members event – a COP28 Food Industry Debrief & Community Huddle based on the latest Veriscope ESG Intelligence report (our bi-monthly members analysis).

COP28 and global declarations may seem distant however, they are an opportunity to understand how climate commitments made on a global scale will eventually shape UK policy and drive action on the ground. We are passionate about giving members the knowledge and foresight to proactively engage and stay well-informed, positioning themselves at the forefront of these developments for business success.

We welcomed 5 different viewpoints on what COP28 can do to influence sustainable food:

+ COP28 headlines through the Future Food Movement & Veris Strategies lens with Kate Cawley, Founder, Future Food Movement and Veris Strategies

+ NUTRITION: How COP28 can accelerate nutrition goals and their alignment with environmental goals with Ali Morpeth RNutr, Healthy Sustainable Diets Coach, Future Food Movement

+ YOUTH: Global context and on the ground COP28 experience with the youth perspective with Rayan Kassem from Act4Food and the World Benchmarking Alliance

+ FARMING: How climate change is affecting food production now, not in the future, and the realities of commercial day-to-day pressures on farm from Jack Pearce, 3rd Gen Farmer and Director from Alfred G Pearce (member of the Cool Farm & FFM Farmer’s Advisory Board)

+ INVESTORS: How investors are increasingly becoming more aware that their investments in food-related businesses could face growing exposure to material risks associated with climate change unless they proactively invest in sustainability measures with Rebecca Tobi RNutr, Senior Business & Investor Engagement Manager, The Food Foundation


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