Ask the Expert: How Diversity Enables Climate Innovation and Resilience

Ask the Expert: How Diversity Enables Climate Innovation and Resilience
Climate and food affects everybody, we need to include and represent diversity and difference if we are to deliver a food system that’s fair and equitable.

Get an understanding of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and explore how the success of ANY Net Zero ambition hinges on the transition being fair for people as well as the planet.

Don’t miss your chance to understand more about why people are critical to your business enabling climate innovation and resilience.


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Katie Allen is a specialist Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultant and executive coach. She enables organisations to connect their desire for high performing, intentionally inclusive workplace cultures with a strategic and action focused plan.

“When it comes to creating sustainable solutions in our organisations, the time for action is now. But when the decision makers and strategists responsible for creating solutions are a mostly homogenous group, then not only are we missing out on vital perspective and insight, but the statistics suggest we are falling short in terms of our overall potential performance too. This is why the topic of equity and inclusion is a critical part of the climate and sustainability conversation. Representation and voice matterand I am delighted to bring this aspect to the Future Food Movement.”


Each month we invite our Future Food Movement Members to huddle with a climate expert. Each session will kick-off with an introduction from the expert, we then open up the floor offering a safe space place for the Community to ask questions.

All Ask the Expert Sessions are recorded and available On Demand for our community to access anytime.

Looking to upskill your future leaders and leaders in ED&I?

Your business can tap into Katie’s expertise by booking into a Future Food Movement 2 hour CPD certified Masterclass on ED&I:

  • Ideal for up to 30 future leaders and leaders
  • Learn how to confidently navigate inclusion conversations within your business and understand the integral role that ED&I and workplace culture plays in strategic sustainability.


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