CPD Certified: Natural Capital & Biodiversity Masterclass

CPD Certified: Natural Capital & Biodiversity Masterclass

This masterclass helps business leaders understand how to take action to manage impacts on biodiversity, natural capital, and ecosystems while building resilience into the organisation in the face of material natural capital dependencies.

  • Explore and examine the impacts and dependencies between business and nature including biodiversity, natural capital, and ecosystems
  • Identify case studies and examples relevant to the food sector with specific steps to assess impacts and dependencies for your business
  • Understand current and emerging best practices and guidelines for understanding and acting on nature-related risks and opportunities


This CPD accredited masterclass is hosted by Alexis de Liedekerke and Sara Rochat. 

Alexis de Liedekerke has a scientific background with a BSc in bioengineering and an MSc in Organic Agriculture and Agroecology; he has established and operates several micro-ventures in the farming industry and has deep experience working as a consultant on Nature conservation and Landscape Restoration. His current focus is on bridging knowledge from ecology and ecosystems into business, to support clients to reduce impacts and manage dependencies on natural capital.

Sara Rochat is a multi-lingual, certified sustainable investment and finance professional (CSIF) who, for the last 5 years, has been creating leading international ESG conferences and tailored climate-risk training for the financial sector. She is passionate about enacting meaningful change to tackle the climate crisis, and has previous experience in international diplomacy and advisory roles in Singapore and Japan.  

£3500 per Masterclass – Group bookings of up to 30 people