Welcome to our new strategic partner, Mission Ventures

Welcome to our new strategic partner, Mission Ventures
We are excited to announce the second of our Strategic Partnerships with Mission Ventures.

Balancing Purpose and Profit – A Proven Path Forward

Mission Ventures is building a rapid evidence base that it is possible to balance purpose and profit. They are on a mission to create healthier and more diverse disruptive products that have the potential to reshape our industry as we know it.

Empowering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With a portfolio of over 40 diverse brands, Mission Ventures is actively empowering corporates to harness the power of entrepreneurship. Their support extends beyond advice; they are actively investing in and nurturing the growth of emerging innovations. The results speak volumes – a recent program they ran returned 320%, all while fostering the sustainable growth of mission-driven brands.

Partnerships that Shape the Future

Current partners include Warburton’s, Sainsbury’s, and the health foundation Impact on Urban Health. Mission Ventures disrupts and shapes a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable industry through a proven approach and an unrivalled network of retail partners, investors, policymakers and brands.

Climate Leadership

Louis Bedwell leads the development of the programmes and general operations at Mission Ventures. We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Mission Ventures and welcoming their innovators into our community. After all, healthy people start with healthier food, and it’s through diverse voices, knowledge sharing, and collaboration that we’ll drive transformative change.

Join Us for a Trailblazer Conversation

Members, mark your calendars for an exclusive Trailblazer Conversation next month, where you’ll have the incredible opportunity to meet Louis. Register here.