The rising ethics of eating well

The cost of living is pushing up food prices at an alarming rate, with some British food producers warning that prices could rise as much as 15% this year alone. The Ukraine war is also hitting food supply chains hard, especially farmers who are having to contend with soaring costs for fertiliser, animal feed and fuel.

Certainly, these are sobering times for our shopping baskets. Recent research from The Food Foundation shows that 55% of households with children are worried that not being able to afford their energy or food bills will directly affect their children’s health and wellbeing. Nobody wants to be in the position of taking tough decisions about their diet, or their children’s diets.

So, what can be done to help remedy this? One of the key challenges for the food industry is to not only make better food, but to make better food affordable. The good news is that many food companies not only recognise this, but have already taken steps to lay some of the groundwork needed to make this happen.

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