The Future of the Burger

The Future of the Burger

On the 22nd of November, the Future Food Movement team attended Mission Kitchen’s  Future of the Burger event, which discussed innovations underway in the food sector impacting how the world creates, eats and views burgers. The panel was hosted by plant-based pioneers, regenerative beef champions and insect innovators, who are transforming the burger game one patty at a time. 

In the UK, Burgers have become a central constituent of culture. An average citizen eats 35 burgers a year, making the burger one of the most popular dishes in the UK.  

However, beef is a central element of the mainstream burger. In comparison to other meats, beef contributes to significantly higher environmental impacts including deforestation, habitat loss, methane and CO2 emissions, land use and freshwater use. Moreover, the over-consumption of meat, specifically red meat, has been recognised as having negative effects on human health, leading to increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.  

This context is widely known by UK citizens, as more and more people reduce their meat consumption. With burgers being a central part of the UKs eating culture, questions concerning the future of burgers are central to food systems agendas. If we want to keep consuming our beloved burgers, we need to re-think the way they are produced. 

What the paneLlists had to say about the future of burgers

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