Packaging & Labelling YAB Report: Download Now

Packaging & Labelling YAB Report: Download Now

Did you know that, as of this February, businesses who supply household packaging are now financially responsible for the costs of dealing with packaging waste, moving costs away from councils and taxpayers?

  • Producers are now required to pay for the collection and disposal costs of household packaging they supply when it becomes waste. 
  • This will encourage producers to reduce the amount of packaging they place on the market and to improve the recyclability of their packaging, ensuring less waste ends up in the natural environment.

But who is to blame for packaging waste? Consumers or businesses? And what else can businesses do to improve their packaging and labelling?

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Food businesses, don’t get left behind. The younger generations are your future consumers and employees; integrating their voices into your strategy is critical to building a climate-smart and sustainable roadmap.