Our first Youth Advisory Board Report is live


Last month we launched our Youth Advisory Board, the first food and climate youth advisory board in the UK.

Made up of 17 incredible young people aged 13-18 from across the UK, the Board is working closely with the Future Food Movement leadership team and Directors from Future Food Movement Business Members on innovative, challenging and exciting ways to think about long term future proofing, providing an insight into the views of young people, their passions and what they are inspired by. The outputs of the monthly meeting are shared as an insight report to our members as further stimulus and to help understand they key issues and challenges from young people when thinking about the food system.

Our January report ‘Why Food Matters’ is now live and available to all our Business Members. If your business is a member, please contact your Future Food Movement Representative internally, who can send on the report.

For full access to our Youth Advisory Board reports as well as an invitation to attend the meetings every term, join Future Food Movement.

Our members get to be exposed to new ideas and perspectives and our Board members get more of an understanding of the food industry – both as future consumers and employees. It’s a win-win. 

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