Now on demand: Learning Collab with Heather Lynch

Now on demand: Learning Collab with Heather Lynch

Get inspired by Future Food Movement Members who are walking the talk.

Heather Lynch, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Oddbox discusses with Kate Cawley Oddbox’s journey to systems solutions for food waste:

  • The purpose behind Oddbox and why it is fighting food waste
  • How Oddbox has been using a systemic thinking approach to food waste, looking into root causes and changing people’s mindsets and behaviours
  • Find out how Oddbox uses systems thinking to inform how it fights food waste at farms, in the food industry and in people’s homes
  • Hear more about how transparency and reporting have evolved to avoid greenwash

B Corp Oddbox creates fruit and veg boxes from wonky and surplus produce that can’t be taken by supermarkets and which would otherwise go to waste. In this FFM Learning Collab, Oddbox Head of Impact and Sustainability Heather Lynch shares her insights on systems solutions for food waste, exploring root causes, consumer mindsets, industry practice and the approach that Oddbox takes to make a difference.

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