Masterclass: Recognising and Avoiding Greenwashing with Amy Kull

The World Federation of Advertisers has just issued landmark guidance on how brands can make sure environmental claims featured in their marketing communications are credible for both consumers and regulators.

It’s the first time that global guidance has been issued on this increasingly challenging issue.

With the new Green Claims Code launched at the end of last year and greenwashing spurring consumer skepticism, it’s crucial to understand how to credibly communicate climate action.

No better timing then for Amy Kull, Board of Directors for Food for Climate League to share her experience on how to recognise and avoid greenwashing.

👉Amy is helping to build a more resilient, abundant and just food system, and has worked with influential companies including Nestle, Unilever, Kikkoman, the U.S. Potato Board, WingStop, Barnana upcycled snacks and the National Honey Board.⁣

👉She is an expert in spotting greenwashing and helped our Ally members communicate authentically about their sustainability progress.⁣

👉As a connector among big food, chefs, nutrition opinion leaders, foundations and food high-tech companies, Amy is working towards things like the circular food economy, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture.⁣

The Masterclass will be recorded and saved in the Ally Community, free for Allies to access at any time.

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