Message from the Founder: An important milestone in our journey

Message from the Founder: An important milestone in our journey

“Thank you to everyone that has supported or worked with us here at Future Food Movement (FFM).

Those of you who I have met will know as a founder, that FFM is deeply personal to me – I am really proud of the team and community we are building with incredible experts, businesses, farmers, campaigners and young people who are all committed to our mission. What we have achieved in 2 years is beyond my expectations, but this is just the start of our ambition and impact. 

To help set the groundwork for the next phase of growth for FFM, I am delighted to announce our next milestone with Louis Bedwell joining us as Head of Future Food Movement – to help scale our growth and support further impact and innovation for the food industry, check out the announcement in The Grocer. 

Louis brings impeccable experience from his work building Venture Funds for some of the UK’s largest food retailers and brands, supporting more than 1,500 entrepreneurs per year and working with some of the UK’s retailers and manufacturers.  

His knowledge on the industry with disruption, innovators and start-ups is second to none, but more than this, he has the skillset to support our members with innovating, operationalizing plans and unlocking commercial growth and ensuring we achieve more impact together where it matters most – fixing the future of food.  

I hope you see this as a real signal of our commitment to continue to support and partner with the food industry to take on the biggest challenge of our generation. If you’d like to arrange a call with Louis and I, please email him on:

Thank you again for your continued support with Future Food Movement.