Meet the coaches: Emma Chow

Meet the coaches: Emma Chow

A warm welcome to our new coach Emma Chow, who is a proud Future Food Movement coach and Regenerative Educator and Circular Economy expert 💡

Working with the very best experts in their fields, we bring together pioneers from across all sustainability specialisms to coach, mentor and inspire the food and drink industry to create a bigger impact 🌎💪

Emma takes a deeply-human angle to fundamentally re-imagine today’s broken systems. She co-developed and led the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Food initiative, where she honed her food system knowledge and understanding of regenerative and circular design. Prior to her work at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Emma was a consultant at Deloitte LLP.

She brings her incredible expertise to Future Food Movement to help YOU and YOUR organisation unleash potential to solve the greatest challenges of our time.

The take-make-waste food system demands systemic solutions that go beyond incremental ‘do less harm’ approaches. The circular economy offers a common framework to rethink products, services, and systems to actually create good.

Classic sustainability tends to aim to undo damage, but what if we could do so much more? What if we raised our ambition level to be regenerative? We’ll develop a vision for a regenerative food system where food lives up to its full potential and dig into regenerative economics. We’ll develop capabilities to adopt a regenerative mindset and bring it into everything we do.

This is your chance to re-imagine the potential for how we could produce food – don’t miss out! Read more here.