Key Takeaways: FFM Business Leaders Forum & Dinner

Food systems, business leaders, farmers and young people unite in calls for radical collaboration and regulation on how Healthy Sustainable Diets (HSD) can enable food systems transformation for food security on a healthier planet.

The Future Food Movement Business Leaders Forum & Dinner, with 24 speakers and 100+ attendees reached consensus about Healthy Sustainable Diets (HSD) as a catalyst for food system transformation, calling for a step change in cohesive thinking and engagement between stakeholder groups, government legislation, and trailblazers to unlock commercial potential [click here to view the programme].

The world faces a ‘double burden’ of undernutrition and obesity, a phenomenon evident even in countries like the UK where 64% of adults are overweight or obese, while 1 in 10 faces hunger, exacerbated by increasing living costs. This dual challenge is compounded by our consumption patterns, which not only harm our health but also endanger the very systems crucial for food production, such as stable climate conditions, fertile soils, clean waterways, and marine ecosystems.

Embracing Healthy Sustainable Diets represents a significant opportunity to reshape our food system for the betterment of both people and the planet.

“My key reflection from the evening was just how much power there is in building strength through collective commitment and community. A shared commitment fosters camaraderie, trust, and caring within a group, this human connection was palpable in the room that night. I’d urge everyone in the room to continue to actively participate and demonstrate their dedication by showing up, following through, and sticking with it. The FFM community I believe can help build and sustain this commitment because it’s absolutely essential for the health of our food system and the outcomes we need to see.”

– Kate Cawley, Founder, Veris Strategies and Future Food Movement

We are pleased to share the write-up of the FFM forum and dinner with EVERYONE WHO JOINED AND OUR MEMBERS.