June Resilience Community Huddle: Key Takeaways

June Resilience Community Huddle: Key Takeaways

When you have a list of strategic priorities at work (big rocks, as Future Food Movement Coach Emma Gage described in this month’s Community Huddle) you’re bound to leave behind the other areas of your job (the sand). This may leave you feeling overwhelmed, guilty and, over a prolonged period of time, burnt out .

Especially when working in an emotion driven area such as sustainability, and with the feelings that come with trying to save our planet.

So, how do we use our emotional capacity in the best way to become resilient and avoid burnout?

We heard key tips on:

  • How to take control over deciding where and when to use your emotional capacity
  • The power behind ‘Accept, Influence, Control’
  • The pro’s of imperfection
  • Why connection equals creativity and productivity
  • Managing expectations

FFM Members, we hope you enjoyed this month’s Huddle and will reflect further on how to achieve peak impact and freeing up emotional capacity.

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