Julia from Nestlé Completed The Sustainability Accelerator

Julia from Nestlé Completed The Sustainability Accelerator
“It has stimulated my thinking and provided fresh perspectives that I can bring back to my organisation to drive meaningful change.”

Julia Jones, Head of B2B Marketing​ & Sustainability at Nestlé, joined The Accelerator to “build her capability, knowledge, external perspective, and network.”

Three months later, we caught up with Julia to see if she had reached her goal.

We asked about her biggest takeaway, what she’d done differently since the programme, and how she found being part of the FFM community (everyone who joins our Accelerators gets a complimentary 3-month membership—just one more reason to sign up!).

Here’s what Julia shared with us…

Did you achieve your goal from the programme?

“I am pleased to say that I successfully achieved my goal through the Future Food Movement Sustainability Accelerator training programme. This comprehensive program provided a holistic understanding of the urgent need for the food industry to address the climate, nature, and health crises, as well as the potential for transformative change through climate-first leadership.  The training deepened my knowledge in certain areas and introduced me to new topics where my understanding was limited.

As a result, I now feel more confident in actively participating in sustainability discussions with external stakeholders and contributing meaningful value to these conversations.”

What was your biggest takeaway or most useful learning?

“The most significant lesson I learned during the training was regarding the topic of Climate Risk, which I had limited exposure to previously. I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of considering both ‘Climate and Climate Risk’, i.e. the company’s impact on the climate and the risks the company faces due to the climate crisis. This realisation prompted me to delve into reports such as our TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) report, which provided valuable insights I had not fully appreciated before.”

What have you put in place at work since finishing The Accelerator Programme?

“Since completing the program, I have been reflecting on how we can enhance the organisation’s sustainability capabilities in a more engaging and interactive manner. I am also revisiting our ways of working in sustainability to ensure we capture the best ideas from across the organisation aligned with our priorities. As part of this effort, I intend to invite a few more individuals to join our sustainability champions group, as their perspectives and customer insights will provide valuable contributions to the group.”

Would you recommend the programme to others working in food?

“I highly recommend this program to individuals working in the food industry. I firmly believe that anyone in this field should have a strong understanding of the interconnectedness of the food system, as well as the associated risks and opportunities. Achieving a healthy and sustainable food environment requires effective stewardship of the food ecosystem, which can only be achieved through a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and climate leadership.”

How have you found being part of the FFM community?

“Being a part of the FFM community was an incredible experience. Throughout the training, our cohort shared valuable insights and experiences that enriched the learning process. Additionally, I had the privilege of joining a Farmer Advisory Board after the programme. While Nestle is already dedicated to regenerative agriculture and collaborates closely with farmers to understand their unique contexts, hearing directly from farmers first-hand has been a brilliant opportunity. It has stimulated my thinking and provided fresh perspectives that I can bring back to my organisation to drive meaningful change.”


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