Introducing eLearns: climate learning made quick & easy

Want to talk confidently about net zero, food waste, human rights or social impact with your food industry peers, but can’t find the time to dedicate to climate training? Then look no further! Introducing Future Food Movement’s Digital eLearns, our brand new digital learning suite, with a slick, user-friendly design, created to help you Upskill on Climate in a quick and effective way.

Tailored for busy diaries, our CPD certified eLearns have been created with a Plug and Play design, for 100% self-guided learning. With 6 modules to work through, lasting only 20-30 minutes each, eLearns are the perfect way to learn the essentials to environmental and social impact, at your pace, in your own time. Designed to scale climate competency and inform the food industry on how to respond to the climate crisis.

At home, in the office, on the sofa… or event at the beach! Our eLearns are designed to be completed whenever and wherever you like. Play, pause, re-wind however many times you like and become an expert in Climate!

The climate crisis puts our food system at risk and represents a huge threat for food businesses. Global yields could decline by up to 30% by 2050, storms and rising waters are damaging our infrastructure and disrupting our supply chain, and food and agriculture jobs are under threat. This is why the food industry needs to act now and learn how to adapt to and survive the climate crisis. And we need everyone to be involved.  

Learning is the first step toward stopping the climate crisis. Every job is a climate job. We need everyone’s brains, efforts, ideas and engagement to solve the climate crisis.

But we understand that busy schedules mean climate learning often becomes deprioritised. With eLearns, this no longer has to be true.

Beat your busy schedule and start climate eLearning today:



For only £25 per module, pick your favourite today and start your climate eLearning journey.

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