Greenwashing & Transparency YAB Report: Download now

If you’ve been anywhere near the news or social media lately, you’ll know that Greenwashing is a very hot topic right now. With the EU launching a Green Claims Rule and the definition of what is actually ‘green’ becoming ever so stricter, businesses must adapt quickly to avoid falling down the greenwashing hole.

This is why our Youth Advisory Board met recently on ‘Greenwashing and Transparency’.

Connecting the thoughts and opinions of our future generations, with the minds of our food business leaders, this report synthesised:

  • The types of Greenwashing: #Greencrowding, #Greenlighting, #Greenshifting, #Greenlabelling, #Greenrinsing, #Greenhushing
  • The perception of Greenwashing among young people
  • What young people trust and what they don’t
  • The key actions young people want food businesses to take to avoid greenwashing
  • The challenging questions young people want CEOs to answer.

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