Goals, passion and resilience: Staying focused during the climate crisis

The many challenges of the climate crisis make it easy to lose focus on your main objectives. With so many overwhelming considerations it’s hard to know how to make progress – or even where to start. Patrick Lee, founder of Wiseman Talent Solutions and an expert in goal setting and productivity, explains how to stay focused and ensure your activities keep moving you forwards.

The importance of goals

When it comes to tackling climate change – or indeed operating in any sprawling, unwieldy area – goal setting is a vital component of success, for three main reasons. Firstly, goals help to hone focus – without a set of goals, how can you begin to prioritise action?

Secondly, goals help you to avoid distraction. When faced with a massive, seemingly intangible task it can be easy to get distracted and blown off course – goals help to keep you on track. It’s also helpful if other people are aware of your goals, says Patrick. “If people know what your aims are they’re less likely to drag you in another direction.”

Thirdly, setting goals and achieving them is a clear metric of success, and shows you didn’t succeed simply through luck or chance.

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