Gizzi Erskine & Glen Burrows – The Regenerative Movement

Gizzi Erskine is a food author, restaurateur and soil health activist. She is also the brand ambassador for the Future Food Movement and is leading the charge to inspire people who work in the food and drink industry to join the Ally community, and take control of their climate knowledge.

Glen Burrows is the co-founder of Ethical Butcher, an online premium butcher which is on a mission to reconnect people with nature and the environment. The business is a vocal advocate of regenerative farming practices and works closely with farmers to produce good quality meat which is also good for the environment.

Join Gizzi and Glen as they discuss why regenerative agriculture and soil health is essential for combating the climate crisis:

• Do you know what regenerative agriculture is? 

• Do you know why healthy soil is one of the most critical moves towards helping climate change?

• Do you know what monocrop culture is? 

• Will eating plant-based food save the world? 

• Are you up to date on the real science? 

• How can we make food from regen agriculture models affordable and accessible to all?

• What can we all do to promote a more sustainable food system that is good for the planet? 

You need to be an Ally to watch, we welcome you to join here.