Future of Fat: Mission Kitchen

Future of Fat: Mission Kitchen

We can’t wait for Mission Kitchen’s Future of Fat event next month!

Fat – bad, good, ugly, tasty… it’s a nutrient, ingredient, and insult. It’s a building block of flavour, but still widely misunderstood. And yet, we all constantly interact and think about fat in our daily lives.

Join us at Mission Kitchen’s Future of Fat event to discover the latest game-changers in fat-based technologies, learn from chefs and tastemakers about why fat is a key component of all things delicious, and join the debate about what fat has been doing to our brains, bodies, body image, and our landscapes.

Future of Fat is a full-day symposium for CEOs, Food Founders, and Chefs. Your ticket includes access to all talks, workshops, and food and drink throughout the day. 

This event will bring together industry professionals and pioneers under one roof to discover the new ideas that will transform how we consume and think about the mysterious and delicious substance we know as fat.

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