Fix Food Waste, Fix Climate Change

Fix Food Waste, Fix Climate Change

Project Drawdown tells us that food waste alone accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Be inspired and take action on food waste with:

Get the latest insights on what consumers think about food waste AND what the industry can be doing to boost efforts, 8th December at 4pm via Zoom.

Food waste as a contributor to the climate crisis only started coming into mainstream public awareness in 2021 – explore with us the key drivers and barriers to adopting better habits to reduce food waste amongst everyday people from Caroline and Jeff. 

Andy has been working in retail and manufacturing for 15 years, helping businesses contribute towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 of ensuring sustainable production and consumption patterns by 2030. He will share his experiences on the impacts of food waste, how the industry can respond and how to reduce food waste within operations and the wider supply chain.

Caroline is founding partner of Citizen Good, a sustainability consultancy helping to build citizen brands which drive positive impact for people and planet.

Jeff is chief strategy officer at Bulbshare, an online collaboration platform that connects brands with consumers in real time.

ECOmmunity is their online community of everyday sustainability champions who participated in a range of tasks on food waste, to highlight the opportunities and barriers to action from a citizen perspective.

Don’t forget to come with your burning questions – you will have live access to our experts in the session. 

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