Ask the Expert: How to Activate Changemakers

Driving sustainable change throughout our organisations will be fundamental in achieving ambitious climate targets, but how does this work in practice? In this FFM Huddle, Anne-Charlotte Mornington, Head of Impact at food sharing platform OLIO, discusses her organisation’s journey in mobilising changemakers and shares her top tips for reaching people in a way that matters. 

Food sharing platform OLIO tackles food waste by connecting businesses and individuals that have surplus food with those that can put it to good use. Launched in 2015, the app started out with a handful of users in London, and has since grown to nearly 6.5 million users around the world, facilitating 60 million neighbour-to-neighbour meet-ups and saving 63 million portions of food.  

As Anne-Charlotte says, this wouldn’t have been possible without OLIO’s passionate and enthusiastic community. “Ultimately, we’re simply a connecting platform. Only by creating a lot of interest and harnessing the willingness of the community to support the project were we able to create this global movement.” 


This Ask the Espert Huddle was hosted by the one and only Anne-Charlotte, Head of Impact at OLIO and our resident Tech for Good Expert and FFM Coach .

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