CLIMATE WEEK NYC EVENT: How do we engage consumers on climate smart food?

Changing our global food system is one of the most impactful things we can do to address climate change, create healthy lives, and rebuild biodiversity. Consumer eating habits will play a vital role in this transformation.

But driving behaviour change is notoriously difficult. Consumer engagement on sustainability issues is roadblocked by a lack of trust and a complex, confusing landscape, meaning that food consumption habits are nowhere near where they need to be in the face of the climate and nature emergency.

Climate Week NYC is one of the biggest climate moments and we were delighted to be part of it, bringing together the most influential leaders in climate action. The planet is on fire, the way we produce food is one of the causes of this and it is incredibly vital that food has a central role to play in global climate moments.

This Future Food Movement panel bought together leading voices from across the industry in Climate Week NYC to give a fresh perspective on this challenge. Our panel, hosted by FFM’s Business Transformation Coach Mike Barry, included: 

  • Carolyn Ball, Director of Net Zero, Compass Food Group UK & I
  • Patrick Coveney, Group CEO, SSP Food Travel Experts
  • Peter Harrison, Chief Commercial Officer, Quorn Foods
  • James Waddy, Category Director Dairy, Bakery & Local, Tesco
  • Charles Banks, Co-Founder, thefoodpeople
  • Carl Olivier, Co-Founder, Sustained
  • Eve Turow-Paul, Founder and Executive Director, Food for Climate League
  • David Moore, Group Head of ESG, The Compleat Food Group.
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