Ask the Expert: What do Human Rights have to do with the Climate Crisis?

Have you ever wondered if human rights are linked to the climate crisis? ​

They are! In fact, so many of our human rights, such as the right to life, health, food, and an adequate standard of living, are adversely affected by climate change. ​

The most obvious example is extreme weather-related events such as storms, floods and wildfires that continue to devastate people and the planet, with human rights continuing to be violated. ​

But, as Louise explains in her session, there are many other less visible ways that climate change threatens lives.

video recording and write-up now available on demand for all community members!

Louise Nicholls, a long term Future Food Movement supporter, has just returned from the Maldives, where she has seen first hand the challenges facing small fisheries in accessing their fishing rights – Louise’s huddle gives our Ally Members the chance to hear directly from an expert and ask questions on how human rights are an opportunity for transformative change for business and people’s lives.​

After Louise’s Huddle you will understand:​

  • The link between human rights and climate change​
  • Why we need to pay close attention to food supply chains​
  • The various effects businesses can have on human rights – beyond modern-day slavery ​
  • How human rights can be at risk in a UK food manufacturer, not only abroad​
  • The subtle ways people’s human rights can be affected by businesses and how to protect your employee’s health and wellbeing​


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A bit more about Louise

Louise’s background is a long career with the retailer Marks and Spencer plc, initially as a Food Technologist and latterly as Corporate Head of Human Rights, Food sustainability and Food Packaging. Before 4 years ago establishing a portfolio career; Louise advises a wide range of manufacturers, retailers, start-ups, investors and collaborative initiatives on Sustainability and Human Rights. Raising awareness from board to shop floor, supporting organisations with strategic implementation and more impactful collaboration. She is currently Exec lead of the Food Network for Ethical Trade (FNET), a tutor for Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership (CISL) in business sustainability management , Chair of IEMA, and a Trustee of IDH and SFACT.

Louise is passionate about making it easy for businesses to do business with a positive impact for people and the planet and will look to answer your questions on how you can impact transformation to achieve climate justice.

What is AN ‘Ask the Expert’?

Each month we invite our Future Food Movement Allies to huddle with a climate expert. Each session will kick-off with an introduction from the expert, we then open up the floor offering a safe space place for the Ally Community to ask questions.

All Ask the Expert Huddles are recorded and available On Demand for our community to access anytime.