Celebrating Bite Back’s 5th Birthday at Parliament

Celebrating Bite Back’s 5th Birthday at Parliament
Celebrating Bite Back’s 5th Birthday at Parliament

“It’s become so normal that junk food is the cultural wallpaper in the lives of young people growing up in the UK” – Bite Back

This week Bite Back held its first-ever Parliamentary Reception, after 5 years fighting for a fairer food system.

Future Food Movement (Kate, Emma and Ali) joined Parliamentarians, policymakers and fellow campaigners to mark a triumphant 5 years of Bite Back’s impactful journey.

Children are growing up in a food environment which does not support their health…

👉 Two thirds of foods sold by most of the biggest manufacturers are high in fat salt and/or sugar (HFSS)

👉 Child appealing marketing is used to increase the consumption of unhealthy foods among children

👉 Children experiencing an epidemic of food-related illness

The problem at hand should be simple to solve. Bite Back’s manifesto calls on all political parties to prioritise health with these key measures: 

 – Hold big food companies to higher healthier standards

 – Ensure all children have access to healthy food throughout their school day

 – Rebalance the wider food system through commercial incentives

 – Create the conditions to make high streets healthy

 – Explore a net zero equivalent for health and build on successful climate policies

The Manifesto recognises that companies have a leading role to play. Food which is better for people is also better for the planet! The current food cannot deliver on health which means it also cannot deliver on climate. That’s why Future Food Movement have joined forces with Bite Back in the fight for a better food system. 

The undeniable truth is that the health and climate movement is gaining significant momentum, signalling a clear call to action for big food companies and industry leaders to prioritise this in their business plans.

How Future Food Movement can help:

  • We’re helping organisations join the dots on health & climate as healthier diets can help pathway to net zero & lower impact diets can offer health gains.
  • FFM and Bite Back have your back, bringing our joint 2024 Food Systems Accelerator to industry leaders serious about making a transition to better health and climate. Participants will benefit from the expertise of FFM coaches and youth activist energy from Bite Back.

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