Module 1:

Building a general understanding of Climate Science, the key attributes of greenhouse gases, and the impacts of human activity on the environment.

Module 2:

Developing the learners ability to distinguish between different responses to climate change, split between mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation addresses what efforts must be taken now to ensure no future warming, while adaptation are activities taken now to protect from current climate related events.

Module 3:

Adaptation, mitigation, and the energy transition are all ways in which we can take action now to prepare, reduce the impact and adjust to climate change.

Module 4:

Equips the learner with the ability and resources to firstly understand why taking action is important, secondly the motivations of the private sector, and thirdly how to take action both as an individual as well as a team, from a personal, business, and political perspective. This module is critical in ensuring the learning element of the course is acted upon.