Ask The Expert: Why Diet Shift Is Critical To Landing Climate & Health Policies

Ask The Expert: Why Diet Shift Is Critical To Landing Climate & Health Policies

Improving our diets is urgent to achieve climate & health targets. ​

A shift to healthy, sustainable diets can deliver ‘gigatonne-scale’ emissions reductions (IPCC 2023).  It is also essential to tackling the UK public health crisis – the NHS spends £6 billion a year on diet-related illness.​

The cost-of-living crisis is adding pressure to people’s food choices, and government inaction on food is a major barrier to policy change, but one thing is clear – the climate and health crisis won’t wait.​


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In this session, Future Food Movement Coach Ali Morpeth will explore the sorts of cross-cutting policies can support better health & the realisation of Net Zero. We will also discuss why joining the dots between health and sustainability is one of the biggest opportunities we face in food, and why health can help us move the needle on climate – and vice versa. ​

This is a safe space to seek advice or support on how best to de-bunk the noise around health and sustainability being two separate and distinct work themes.​

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Ali Morpeth is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist working at the intersection of health and sustainability. She works across NGO and business to develop advocacy, policy and behaviour change programmes that drive improvement for people and planet.


Each month we invite our Future Food Movement Members to huddle with a climate expert. Each session will kick-off with an introduction from the expert, we then open up the floor offering a safe space place for the Community to ask questions.

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